News Wire: Red Sonja Teaser Image

07/25/08 @ 12:48 pm EST
Robert Rodriguez greeted fans at the San Diego Comic-Con and offered a first look at the upcoming Red Sonja feature Though no footage has been shot, a lot of promotional images have already been prepared and were revealed for the first time, depicting McGowan in the classic chainmail bikini.

Headlines: Upcoming March Products For Dynamite Now Live!

07/20/08 @ 3:48 pm EST

Fan Mail: A letter from Mark G. Lord:

07/01/08 @ 7:48 pm EST
I feel compelled to share the following story with you: My Father and I are both dedicated fans of your "The Lone Ranger" series. Since release, I've faithfully purchased two copies of each issue, one for my Father and one for myself. The storyline is well written and the artwork is great.

One might be prompted to ask, why do I share this seemingly common scenario with you?

My Father grew up in an era (and rural community) where The Lone Ranger reigned supreme!! Dad tells stories of listening to Lone Ranger episodes on the
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